Anytime you find yourself trying to get somewhere in life whether you have to travel down a road. While on the road its up to you whether you want to go fast, make a detour, stop and take in your surroundings or get lost!

Recently we had the honor of working with Monty Byrom and The Road Pilots (members from Billy Satellite) on their new album “All These Roads” which is being released Spring 2015. The band consists of Fee Falletti on Drums, Ray Sadolsky on Bass, Chris Neufeld on Keyboards/Backup vocals and Paul with lyric writing credits. After recording the album with Vodchek at the Mirage Studios in Los Angels they brought it up to Nexus Audio to record some additional vocals and have owner/engineer Chris Paxton mix the album that consists of 11 well crafted tunes. Each song has its own individual characteristic but throughout the album great musicianship and lyrics prevail.

After the project was completely over we asked engineer Paxton what he thought of the entire experience and he had nothing but praise about the album, band members and experience. “These songs have a deep metaphors inlayed into the lyrics about life, I learned a lot from working with these guys not only from a technical aspect but from a spiritual point of view”.

This new release from The Road Pilots is already creating a lot of Buzz amongst music industry professionals and is expected to do very well in the Americana markets. Currently the band is doing shows across southern United States and is expected to go International later this year. Make sure you check out there website or the “Tales of the Zen Road Pilots” to get a full understanding of where the mind-state of a road pilot comes from. We here at Nexus Audio hope for much success to these guys and look forward to seeing what manifests for these great musicians as they continue their journey down “All These Roads”.