For most of 2014 Ian Hicks rode the music festival circuit and theaters across the US, Canada and Europe on an International tour with The Glitch Mob. As their front of house engineer it was Ian’s responsibility to ensure the sound of their performance lives up to the quality of their album. The shows ranged from 1,000 to 50,000 people, on sound systems pushing 500,000+ Watts. Having consistency from venue to venue is imperative with a show of this magnitude.

Ian typically has 30 channels of incoming signals consisting of instruments and stems he has to balance. Simultaneously he has full control over the sound system to make fine adjustments to EQ or delays. “Part of my philosophy is proper alignment and phase coherence over lots of EQing”. The main element of a good sounding system is the relationship between the main PA, the subs, every other speaker in the setup, and how well aligned or “in sync” they are – down to the millisecond.

“I apply these same principles to mixing in the studio, where layering different claps, kicks, and other samples requires the same attention to detail and become a crucial part of that fat, big sound many producers strive for!”
All of this translates directly into mixing at Nexus Audio, where Ian works with artists to make sure their album lives up to the quality of their vision. It’s critical to make the project sound good whether played through a car stereo, computer speakers, or at a live venue. Ian is our in-house specialist in atmospheric and energetic styles of music, such as Vocal House, Glitch, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, EDM and other genres fused with electronic elements.
Want to know more about Ian and his music? Visit his website www.anoctaveproductions.com

Chris Paxton