It’s not very often that an Artist comes along that has the ability to positively influence the masses. Someone with a sound so unique they are capable of cultivating culture, transcending genres and able to strengthen community thus positively elevating the human consciousness. WolfHawkJaguar is that Artist!

The world was first exposed to WHJ in 2012 with the release of “Hunter Poetry”. It quickly gained the attention of people worldwide. In 2013 WolfHawkJaguar and The Band of Hunters (consisting of Chris Paxton on Drums and Kele Nitoto on Percussion) traveled to Nigeria to perform for the King of Ile Ife at the Orisa World Congress.

Motivated by that experience the group went back to work on a follow up album titled “Search for the Everlasting Coconut Tree”. Over the next year the group recorded and mixed at this album Nexus Audio. This album successfully blends the sounds of Hip-Hop, Modern Rock and World Music. The album is full of touching lyrics, mighty chants, and sounds depicting his Orisha spirituality. The songs are meticulously crafted to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and spiritual growth. WolfHawkJaguar’s passion, integrity and dynamic personality has sparked individuals to call him the next Bob Marley!

This album was recorded and mixed by Chris Paxton. There are many contributions to the album from Paris King, Aerostatle and High Beats who have spent countless hours injecting their sophisticated styles into this album. On April 3rd 2015 the group will be traveled to Harvard University in Boston to perform at the ADSR and also to debut the documentary, also titled “Search for the Everlasting Coconut Tree” they filmed during the band’s tour in Nigeria. Look for a early Summer release of the movie and album. You might want to check out WolfHawkJaguar if you listen to artists like Bob Marley, Mos Def, Lauryn Hill, Sizzla, Sean Paul, Luciano and Collie Buddz.

Chris Paxton