December 30th 2014 a friend of mine named Marcos Murcia passed away. Not only did I go to high school with him and his brother, Marcos aka “Kodyack” was the first artist to ever record at Nexus Audio. He was a dynamic person to be around, always in the mix and knew how to bring people together. He introduced me to a whole underground scene in the heart of Oakland’s Jack London Square that revolved around a show called Tourettes Without Regrets. This thrilling show was and still is a eccentric vaudeville type performance that also gave a platform for battle rappers to compete. From 2005 to 2009 I continued to work with Marcos creating around 30 songs. One thing he never got around to doing was releasing an actual album. To honor his memory we have been working on a CD that highlights the life of Kodyack. It will be available to purchase in the coming month to benefit the Murcia family. In addition there will be a show Feb. 27th at the Oakland Metro with performances by the many talented friends of Marcos. Help spread the word about this event, donate if you can but more importantly never forget Kodyack. You will be missed.

Chris Paxton